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Xochitl didn’t open it, but not everyone who has received it has been so lucky. This is an excerpt from one of the most recent fake chains circulating on WhatsApp among undocumented immigrant communities. These have been on the rise even before the coronavirus pandemic, but the more the need grows, the more the scams to take advantage of it increase.

Xochitl alerted Documented to this message after receiving it in a WhatsApp chat. Like that one, Documented and Noticias Telemundo have received more than 25 messages from users who are asked to share «this help» with 10 friends or family members to supposedly receive a bonus that does not exist.

One particular scam centers on the Excluded Workers Fund (EWF). The EWF was a New York state program that provided financial assistance, ranging from $3,200 to $15,600, to New Yorkers previously ineligible for unemployment insurance, stimulus checks or other pandemic assistance programs.

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«In 2008 I started traveling, I went to Argentina, to Russia, to Ukraine, to Hungary, to Israel, a lot of countries, I was going back and forth for two or three months, and what I really struggled during that period was keeping in touch with my friends,» Koum explained.

«While I was in Argentina getting people to call me or calling people was very difficult, I got a SIM card but I couldn’t figure out how to get them to call me because of the dialing codes and the complicated prefixes and I was like argh!», he completed, about his time in these pampas.


Have you ever wondered if there is another way to communicate through whatsapp application? Surely you have already been told about WhatsApp plus, that a mod of the official heymods application, but do you know how it works?

One of the things that make WhatsApp plus more attractive than the original application, is the possibility of changing its style, colors and wallpapers. In addition, it incorporates hundreds of different emoticons to share with your friends.

If privacy does not interest you, but you are tired of the basic style that whatsapp plus has and you are a fan of emojis and sending high quality photos, then this application could come to your hair.

Remember that some functions will only make sense if the person you are talking to also has whatsapp plus. In this case we recommend you to share this website so that others can see the good things they can do with this application.

The main difference from the normal whatsapp, is that it is possible to completely change the look of the interface, you can install different types of themes quickly and easily, they are completely …Read More

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If you chat in WhatsApp several languages frequently, you are interested in being able to change the keyboard language to have access to all the letters without having to juggle or long presses. This in languages that share in Latin alphabet, because for other types of alphabets directly you can not write unless you change the language.

If you want to change the language of the WhatsApp keyboard on an Android mobile, the process is not carried out from the mobile settings (where you can change the language of the applications, WhatsApp included), but in the settings of the keyboard application. We will see how it is done in the main Android keyboards, although in others the process should be similar.

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